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Gaming Policies

Gambling Federation [G-FED], its' licensees and affiliates govern themselves by the following Policies:

1. Regulatory Compliance: all G-FED operators will abide by the law and regulations of the jurisdictions where they do business.

2. Fairness and Integrity: G-FED and its' licensees operate their casinos with the same integrity and fairness as the best available land-based casinos.

3. Controlling Compulsive Gaming: G-FED believes in responsible game play by all players. We encourage all players be aware of compulsive play and recommend individuals who may have a problem to contact their local Gamblers Anonymous.

4. Genuine Entertainment: G-FED believes that online gaming is a genuine and legitimate form of entertainment for responsible adults. Individuals of legal age have the ability to decide for themselves whether to play games online. We support free choice.

5. Limiting Access to Minors: real-money play is an adult activity not suitable for minors; G-FED supports restricting access to real-money gaming based on legal age.

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