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Gaming Policies

6. Winners Are Respected: without winners, casinos would be no fun. G-FED recognizes that the best gaming properties have the most winners. We think they're great customers!

7. Player Deposits: until a player makes a wager with the money they've deposited into their account, it is their money. It can be cashed out at their discretion.

8. Data & Financial Integrity: G-FED understands that the credibility of any online gaming site is built on the integrity of its' financial and other data. All data is maintained and backed-up on a regular basis and available as a means to settling disputes.

9. Communication Is Paramount: G-FED believes in honest, accurate and prompt communication with all its' licensees, affiliates and casino players. Good communication promotes trust and loyalty.

10. Privacy: G-FED understands that individual privacy is of utmost importance; licensees and affiliates will operate in such a manner as to ensure players their privacy and confidentiality.

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